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Bialik Button Project

Since 2007, Bialik College has been collecting buttons for the Bialik Button Project to honour the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust. News of our project has spread far and wide and the wider community has been truly amazing in their support and encouragement. People from all over Australia, and as far away as New Zealand, the States, France, Israel and Minsk Russia have posted in buttons. Fellow schools, and even universities, from around Australia have embraced the project, going on their own button collection drives in support of another school. Often these are accompanied by heartfelt stories - which we have posted on our Button Project Facebook page. We are so very grateful for this oupouring of support, communal help and kindness - thank you to one and all.  

On 1 December 2016, the entire school of Bialik College stopped work for one hour to count buttons. We have now reached 1, 150, 000 buttons - an outstanding result! We are still collecting and hope to reach our goal by February 2017. It's not too late to send in your buttons too!

Each button is in memory of one of the 1.5 million children who perished between 1939-1945. It is difficult to comprehend the enormous scale of this number, but when we think of each button representing one person – a boy or a girl, a child, sibling, grandchild, with hopes, dreams, fears and plans, like yourselves – it helps to get our mind focused on the loss of one life, multiplied hundreds of times over.

In February 2017, we aim to reach our goal of 1.5 million buttons and display them in a beautiful artistic sculpture at Bialik College..

Thank you for your support.

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