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Arava Students Welcomed to Our Shores

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Last week, students were thrilled to meet the delegation from the Arava region of Israel. Teaming up with The Australia Arava Partnership who make the exchange program possible, Bialik College is home base for the Israeli students. Bialik families also host the Arava students in their homes.

Whilst in Australia, the Arava students explore Melbourne's Jewish lifestyle and participate in a number of exciting events and activities. One such activity, the Interschool Peula, took place at Bialik and was attended by students from the other Jewish schools. It was an opportunity for the group. who come from varying and diverse Jewish backgrounds, to explore what it means to be Jewish and how different people express their religious beliefs. They also investigated what a typical day in the life of an Australian students looks like compared to a student from the Arava. The students discovered that despite their differences they were all connected by Judaism.

Arava meet Year 10 students 038.JPG