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Bnei Mitzvah 2017

Jewish Life, Middle School

The Year 7 B’nei Mitzvah program at Bialik is a year-long journey of self-awareness and learning that culminates in a very special ceremony. Held this week, the individual ceremonies for each class were attended by friends and family, who were treated to a remarkable presentation by the students, which was based on the theme: ‘Da m'ayin b'ata ule'an atah holech’ – 'Know from where you come and where you are going’.
The presentations were followed by a viewing of the Roots Project exhibition in the Mifgash.
The Roots Project is a major part of the B’nei Mitzvah journey and students are required to submit their creative responses that reflect their family history and Jewish heritage. This year, as with previous years, the responses have been innovative and of an incredibly high standard.
Bnei mitzvah group 012.JPG