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EISM Division 2 Athletics Carnival


On Thursday 4 May, the Bialik Wolves Athletics Team competed at Lakeside Athletics Track in the EISM Division 2 Athletics Carnival. Around 80 students represented the College and performed to the best of their ability in their events.
The weather conditions could not have been better on the day and there were plenty of highlights and personal bests achieved. It was wonderful to see the dedication of the Year 12 students who competed in more than two events each and showed great leadership on the day.
The following is a list of students who won a place in their event:
Aviva B - 3rd Long Jump & 2nd 100m (C); Josh F - 1st Triple Jump & 1st Long Jump; Jake W - 2nd Shot Put; Elijah G - 2nd Triple Jump, 2nd 100m (B), 3rd Long Jump & 1st Relay; Timnah D - 3rd Hurdles & 3rd Triple Jump; Maor G - 3rd 400m; Jade R - 3rd 400m, 3rd 100m, 2nd 200m & 3rd Triple Jump; Lily D - 2nd 400m & 3rd 100m; Asher M - 1st 400m, 1st 200m, 3rd 800m & 1st Relay; Poppy S - 3rd 100m; Josh R - 3rd 100m & 2nd Long Jump; Harley G - 1st 100m (B); Tom G - 3rd 100m (C); Brooke R - 2nd Long Jump & 2nd 100m (B); Benji K - 2nd Triple Jump; Amber B - 3rd 100m (C) & 3rd High Jump; Corey S - 3rd 100m; Ethan L - 3rd 100m (B) & 3rd 200m (B); Ward W - 1st 100m, 1st 200m (B) & 1st Relay; Adam O - 1st 100m & 1st Relay; Ari B - 3rd Shot Put; Harry C - 3rd 200m; Cara D - 2nd 800m; Under 14 Boys Relay 3rd place: Josh, Harley, Rom & Ari; Open Boys Relay 1st Place: Ward, Asher M, Elijah & Adam