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Rabbi Glassman Praises Bialik Students

Jewish Life, ELC

Last week, the Year 1 cohort went on an excursion to the Jewish Museum and the St Kilda Shule. The children were divided into groups at the Museum and were exposed to different activities.  Some of the activities were observing different symbols, the writing of the Torah and the cycle of Jewish life. They then went to the Shule where Rabbi Glassman spoke about its history, the upcoming Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah and he showed the children the Aron Hakodesh. He finished off with blowing a huge shofar. 

After the excursion, it was a wonderful surprise to read a section of the St Kilda Shule's newsletter, in which the Rabbi wrote: "Today I had the wonderful pleasure of hosting Grade 1 Bialik boys and girls at their now annual pre-Rosh Hashanah visit to St Kilda Shule and their decorum was excellent! They sat quietly in their seats and listened intently to my shpiel, after which they asked many and varied questions. We blew the shofar (they were most impressed with its size) and had a guided tour of the Torah scrolls up on the Ark. There’s something very special about kids’ visits in that they are so sincere in their thirst for knowledge. It’s something we adults can learn from."