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There is no business like show business for our talented Year 3 actors!

Visual Performing Arts, Primary School, Featured

The performing arts has been an integral part of our Year 3 program this year. Through their learning in this new unit of study, the students have developed such skills as creativity, enquiry, communication, empathy, self-confidence, cooperation, leadership and negotiation. Most importantly, the activities have been fun – making learning both enjoyable and memorable. To wrap up the year, every student in the cohort played a role in our production of ‘A Frog’s Tale.’ 

This was a story using different mediums - puppetry (both hand and shadow puppetry) acting and reader’s theatre, drawing from well-known aboriginal and fairy stories, fables and classical tales.

Playing to a full house of family and friends, our performers’ efforts were warmly received and enjoyed by all, thereby creating life-memories!

Click here to view the photos from the performance