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The Laura Kipen Memorial Archives

Bialik 1965.jpgThe Laura Kipen Memorial Archives is a repository of Bialik’s history and 70+ year heritage whilst the Betty Rosenkranz Oral History Project seeks to capture oral testimonies from the personalities connected to the establishment and growth of Bialik College. Read more about Bialik's history...

Volunteers are welcome to assist in the archives. To volunteer, or for more information, please contact Yasmin McDonald, Archivist, at 

What the College is collecting

The Laura Kipen Memorial Archive collects all manner of objects and records created by, about and for the Bialik College community that illuminate the life of the College as per this comprehensive Collection ChartThe Betty Rosenkranz Oral History Project records interviews with selected representatives of the Bialik College community.

Giving material to the Archive

If you’d like to contribute something to the Archive, you’ll be asked to provide information about the items so we know its story and its importance and so that the Archivist can create  as full a catalogue record as possible at the time the material is accepted into the Archive.  Please complete The Laura Kipen Memorial Archive Donation Form .

Please contact the Archivist if you have something you think will be of interest to the Archive at

The Archive is professionally managed, and housed at the College in a physically-secure and safe space.

Accessing the Archive

We are in the process of creating a searchable database that the public can access. In the interim, requests to physically access the Archive must be made in writing to the Archivist, setting out the subject matter of interest, the purpose of the access and the timeframe. The Archivist will be in touch with you within a fortnight of receiving the request.