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Jewish Life

Jewish Life at Bialik is interwoven into every facet of the school, whether on camp, in the classroom or at assemblies.

The MIFGASH, Hebrew for“Meeting Place” (Centre for Jewish Life), beats like the heart of Bialik, providing a dynamic experiential and interactive environment in which the Jewish, Zionist and personal identity of our students can grow and develop. This is a place where everyone belongs and is made to feel at home. Our Informal Jewish Educators run experiential, values-based lessons and interactive learning programs focusing on a range of themes from student leadership and personal development to our connection with modern day Israel.

3_Students_Make_Kabbalat_Shabbat.jpgShabbatonim, festivals and commemorations receive special attention at Bialik. The journey of exploration begins with model Kabbalat Shabbat in the ELC, which developes right into Primary School. By upper Primary and into Middle School our students experience first-hand a genuine Shabbat experience through our Shabbatonim (weekend retreats). Beyond this, students participate in and lead our assemblies to mark important days in the Jewish calendar. Our Year 10 Hadracha (Leadership) Program sees festivals come alive, as our more senior students mentor and teach our younger students through these significant days and events.

1 Group photo.JPGAll Year 7 students participate in the year-long B’NEI MITZVAH program, which emphasises community responsibility and social action and culminates in a combined B’nei Mitzvah ceremony. Bar-and Bat-Mitzvah lessons are offered free of charge as part of the College’s Jewish Studies’ program.

Jewish Curriculum

The Jewish Studies curriculum embraces cross-communal narratives and ethical teachings of the Torah and emphasizes Jewish values like Tikkun Olam (‘healing the world’) and Chessed (kindness) throughout the College. The three principles of Educate, Participate and Donate are central to the ongoing activities which mark the Jewish Life programs. Jewish Studies at Bialik developes the skills, knowledge and values essential for students to become active members across our Jewish community

All students at Bialik College study Hebrew up to and including Year 9, with a number of students continuing to study Hebrew for their VCE. A bilingual Hebrew Immersion program operates in Years 4 and 5 at Primary School level. At both Year 11 and Year 12 levels, students may enrol for ELECTIVE and SPECIALIST AREAS OF JEWISH STUDIES such as Hebrew, Global Politics (which focuses on modern Israel studies) and Religion and Society.

Bialik College enjoys an ongoing and collaborative relationship with the Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, focusing on areas of professional and curriculum development.

We proudly host Foundations of Jewish Family Living. ‘Foundations’ provides a rich learning experience that will help empower you with the learning, language and confidence to share your knowledge with your children or grandchildren as they embark on their own journey of Jewish education.