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Cultures of Thinking

The Cultures of Thinking Project, sponsored by Bialik College in collaboration with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education commenced in 2005 thanks to the patronage of Vera and Abe Dorevitch.

Staff conference 30Jan12 238.JPGProject Zero's aim is to understand and enhance learning, thinking and creativity in the arts, as well as humanistic and scientific disciplines, at the individual and institutional levels. The Cultures of Thinking project focuses on further developing a school-wide culture of thinking that supports deep thinking and the development of students’ thinking dispositions. It supports students in becoming more flexible and energetic in their thinking and learning, develops critical and creative thinking and deeper engagement while also equipping students to become more comfortable in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Staff conference 30Jan12 239.JPGTeachers are provided with a unique opportunity to undertake professional development within a team environment, working with some of the world’s leading educational thinkers on an ongoing basis over an extended period of time. Students are the ultimate beneficiaries of the project as it is focused on providing new strategies of learning to enrich their experience and develop thinking skills for their lives both within and beyond school.


Monday 20 February Registrations now open:

Looking at the Cultural Force of OPPORTUNITIES: 9.00am - 3.00pm $150 per participant

This full day workshop will briefly revisit what it means to create ‘culture’ in our schools and will explore how you can create opportunities within your classrooms for rich and deep thinking, specifically developing professional learning strategies and programs. We will explore different thinking routines and protocols as well as The Understanding Map, developed at Project Zero. All participants are asked to bring along 5 copies of a lesson plan / activity that they have conducted or plan to conduct with a class that engages their students in the kinds of thinking they most value and wish to encourage.

Wednesday 3 May Registrations now open:

Neuroscience in your Classroom: 5.00pm - 6.45pm $95 plus GST per participant

Structured opportunities guide students. If they are open-ended enough they support independent exploration, engendering a culture of thinking.  How does current Neuroscience research inform our teaching practice? The impact of different opportunities may shift depending upon the students' learning paths and the educators' intended outcomes.  In this talk, we will explore the issue of Process vs Outcome orientation and its role in the cultural force of Opportunity.  We will also examine the common learning trajectory and will begin to tie different thinking routines to this trajectory in order to consider how best to structure student learning opportunities within our understanding of neuroscience.


Save the Date: 27-28 August 2017

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View photos from the 5th conference here.