2020 Secondary Art & Design Showcase

We think you will agree that despite all the interruptions and distractions, Bialik Art students have continued to produce remarkable artworks. Please enjoy the video of our exhibition which will still be up at the start of 2021 so you may be able to visit in person then.

This features a selection of some wonderful work from Year 6 to 12 including:

Year 12 Studio Arts Unit 4 oil paintings

Year 11 postmodern oil paintings

Year 10 Ah Xian inspired ceramic busts

Year 10 gestural expressionist portraits

Year 10 pottery

Year 9 large scale Fiona Hiscock inspired botanically decorated vessels

Year 9 digital artwork

Year 8 studio ceramics

Year 8 digital illustrations

Year 7 animal mouth vases

Year 7 comics

Year 7 botanical plaster tablets

Year 6 Vipoo Srivalasa inspired idols

Year 6 Funky Fish paintings

Thank you to all our wonderful Art students for inspiring your teachers every day with your dedication, creativity and enthusiasm. We hope you enjoy the show!

Sally McCredie, Miriam Ryan, Beth Gibbeson and Helene Oberman

Visual Arts, Bialik College