Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre Takes Healthy Eating to the Next Level

The Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre is taking healthy eating to the next level. Since the beginning of Term 4, we’ve commissioned specialist health supplier Gnibl to implement their innovative “snack and learn” concept.

The results – a high-tech vending machine in the Sports Centre which includes a dietitian curated range, nutritional information on touch screens and products for every dietary requirement.

“Snacking makes up 30% of our calories and is generally impulsive” says Nick Volpe, Director of Gnibl and former producer of The Biggest Loser in Australia. “The aim is to make snacking mindful. Every item in the range is curated for ingredients, serving size, and its contribution to one of the five major food groups. We use a senior dietitian to make sure we get it right,” says Nick.

Bialik College and Gnibl are leading the way in innovating the out-of-school-hours snack offering and the response from students and patrons has been overwhelmingly positive. When healthy and tasty come together, with some cool technology, it’s no surprise they welcome the change.

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