Helpful Information About Our School

Bialik College staff members and parents work closely to form a partnership that fosters a vibrant, nurturing and safe community for our students. The following resources could be helpful to parents.


An overview of Bialik College and our approach to education. View and download here.

Handbooks for Parents

We have a number of handbooks for parents that may answer some frequently asked questions.

Handbook for Bialik Creche. View and download here.

Handbook for Bialik ELC, Primary, Middle and Senior School. View and download here.

Code of Conduct Policies

These policies help us ensure Bialik College is a fair, safe and supportive school.

Student Positive Behaviour Policy. View and download here.

Parent Code of Conduct Policy. View and download here.

Student Wellbeing and Policies

Bialik College is committed to ensuring child safety throughout our organisation, by protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children and students accessing Bialik College, including its events and activities. The College has a zero tolerance approach to bullying and has systems in place to support this. This commitment is a part of the culture of Bialik College, embedded in our interactions as a community and endorsed at the highest level: the Principal and the Bialik College Council.

In accordance with Bialik College’s core values of respect, integrity, perseverance, empathy and responsibility, we hold the safety and protection of children as a key responsibility of the entire Bialik College community. As such, it is our ongoing task to inform, train and educate our College community.

Student welfare and wellbeing is of paramount importance. Under the guidance of our Assistant Principal (Pastoral Care), Bialik has a team of specialists which includes school psychologists, a Rabbi, literacy and numeracy support teachers and classroom assistants to assist the entire school community as required, whether with study and learning skills, or emotional and social skills. Many students benefit from one-on-one attention. Our dedicated staff is highly skilled, very experienced and above all, deeply caring.

Council, Governance and Annual Report

Bialik College is governed by the School Council and we produce an Annual Report to share the administration and governance status of the school with parents.