The Laura Kipen Memorial Archive was established on campus in 2012. It is a repository for records and objects that illuminate Bialik College’s more than 75-year history. The collection houses a unique combination of items which trace the history of the school’s early beginnings from a Sunday school based in Carlton in 1942, to the current day as a flourishing school community with over 1,000 students.  

The archive is complemented by the Betty Rosenkranz Oral History Project, which captures the voices and memories of representatives of the Bialik College community.  

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Volunteers are welcome to assist in the archive. To volunteer, or for more information, please contact archivists and historians Fiona Poulton and Sarah Rood at [email protected].

What the College is collecting

The Laura Kipen Memorial Archive collects all manner of objects and records created by, about and for the Bialik College community, including photographs, newspaper articles, media, publications, uniforms and student memorabilia. The Betty Rosenkranz Oral History Project involves the audio recording of interviews with representatives of the Bialik College community, to capture stories and recollections about the school’s past.

Giving material to the Archive

If you’d like to contribute something to the archive or get involved in the oral history project, please contact [email protected]. When donating items, you will be asked to complete The Laura Kipen Memorial Archive Donation Form and provide details about the items to inform the catalogue record.

The Laura Kipen Memorial Archive is professionally managed, and housed in a secure repository in the Bialik College VCE Centre. Please note that items do not have to be donated, but can be loaned for scanning and cataloguing, and then returned to you.

Accessing the Archive

The Laura Kipen Memorial Archive is accessible online via Victorian Collections. The online catalogue contains over 1,000 items, and continues to grow.  

We recommend viewing the archive items on Victorian Collections using the Internet Explorer browser. It is possible to sort the items under ‘Collection Records’ by clicking ‘Options’ on the top right. You can also use the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the page to search for particular eras, year levels, events and individuals. 

Bialik College is committed to protecting the privacy of community members. For more information, see the Laura Kipen Memorial Archive Privacy Policy.

The Laura Kipen Memorial Archive is open during the school term and by appointment only. If you would like to physically access the archive, please email [email protected].

Shakespeare Grove 1995 ... a photo in the Laura Kippen Memorial Archive
Bialik Kindergarten Carlton - from the Laura Kippen Memorial Archive
Photo from the the Laura Kippen Memorial Archive