Bialik Community Cooking Etgar Program

Our Year 8 and 9 Etgar (Challenge) students have been continuing this exciting program during lockdown. This week, some of the participants joined with My Village Kitchen for some healthy, fun cooking all done in their own kitchens. Why don’t you try this easy recipe at home?

Easy ‘Choose Your Own Vegetable’ Frittata


1 tablespoons olive oil
1 leek or ½ brown or Spanish onion, peeled and sliced thinly 
1 garlic clove, peeled and diced finely
~ 500g of any vegetable of your choice (e.g. pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, broccoli, spinach, carrots, mushroom, zucchini)
½ cup grated cheese or fetta or any cheese you have at home 
6 eggs, lightly beaten
Salt and pepper to taste


  • Pre heat oven to 180c fan forced. 
  • Prepare a baking tin like a brownie tin or some sort or square tin. 
  • Prepare leek/onions and garlic. Set aside.
  • Prepare your vegetables of choice – depending on choice you may need to wash or peel. Dice into small cubes. Set aside. 
  • Heat olive oil in a fry pan over medium heat. Add sliced onion and garlic. Cook, stirring often for 2-3 minutes or until onions are tender.   
  • Add chopped vegetables and cook until tender. 5-10 minutes 
  • Spread vegetables over base of baking tin.  
  • Mix eggs, cheese, salt and pepper together in a bowl.
  • Pour evenly over vegetables. 
  • Bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.  
  • Allow to cool and enjoy. 
  • ** Don’t forget to clean up your kitchen. 

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