Bialik in the Bush

‘Bialik In The Bush’ is our newest Primary initiative providing positive environmental and social educational outcomes for Year 3 students.

Embedding Indigenous culture and knowledge into outdoor learning enables students to gain an appreciation of the land and, in our Acknowledgment to Country, what it means to, ‘tread lightly.’

In this investigative and experiential space, the students will learn how natural and human processes cause changes to Earth’s surface and the importance of making informed choices. Students are using a range of scientific equipment to systematically collect, record, and evaluate data. Through a scientific lens, they are making many discoveries including the effects of temperature in nature, design investigations to show that heat is involved in changes of state, and use shadows to demonstrate their understanding of the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun. 

Students will explore the ground surfaces and the Frog Bog to identify living mini-beasts such as invertebrates and their habitats as well as explore the skies to identify the birdlife that has reclaimed our Bialik environment.

Through digital technologies, students will share their learning with the Bialik community through blogs, videos, and podcasts. Stay tuned for their updates!

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