Bialik is Going Green(er)!

As a College, we’re always looking for ways to improve and lessen our impact on the environment. To this end, over the Summer, the Maintenance Department embarked on a massive project to replace all the light fittings in the school with LED panels.

Over 2500 fittings needed to be replaced and the project is now 90% complete. Kol ha’kavod to everyone involved for this huge undertaking. Aside from better longevity, the LED replacements will cut Bialik’s annual carbon emissions by approximately 318 tonnes! And just by adding the LED lights, the school has already saved thousands of dollars in manpower, freeing our Maintenance staff up for more important jobs.

The school is also currently looking in to solar energy, has installed a Power Factor Correction facility to reduce our energy usage and there are many other initiatives happening, like biodegradable straws in the Shuk and various recycling programs, which are being investigated.

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