Mazeltov to Mila F, Yr 3 and Alexia S, Yr 2 for winning Bialik Junior Masterchef 2020!

The Judges could not decide on only one meal for the Shuk Menu, so they have picked 3 Shuk dishes! These will not be on the menu for one week as promised, but starting the new year in 2021, they will be available throughout the whole of Term 1!

The three dishes chosen for the Shuk were: 

  • Alexia S – Giant Anzac Cookies
  • Mila F – Chocolate Cookie Balls/Kadorei shokolad
  • Dalia B – Banana Choc Pops

The Top 5 overall winners of the Competition (in alpha order):

  • Dalia B (Yr 3)
  • Mila F (Yr 3)
  • Max & Zoe R (Yr 4 & 3)
  • Alexia S (Yr 2)
  • Ella S (Yr 3)

These winners will each receive a $20 voucher to the Shuk

Congratulations to the following contestants for participating all the way through:
Jack B (Yr 4), Chloe & Dylan B (Yrs 3 & Prep), Abbie D (Yr 3), Reuben L (Yr 4), Amy J (Yr 3), Daniel K (Yr 5), Alicia M (Yr 3), Jesse S (Yr 4), Hazel and Zadie W (Yrs 4 & 2).
They will each receive a $10 voucher to be used at the Shuk.

House Points

House points will be awarded to the following:

  • Weizmann 590
  • Herzl 340
  • Szold 240

Top 5

Top 5 from each of the Rounds below:

Finals Round
Dalia & Alexia (tied for first place), then in alphabetical order: Mila F, Zohar G, Reuben L, Max & Zoe R

Round 4
Calzone challenge
Max & Zoe (1st place), then in alphabetical order: Mila F, Zohar G, Daniel K, Alexia S, Ella S

Round 3
Travel the World
Alexia S (1st place), then in alphabetical order: Dalia B, Mila F, Max & Zoe R, Jesse S, Ella S

Round 2
Mystery Box
Mila F (1st), then in alphabetical order: Chloe & Dylan B, Daniel K, Max & Zoe R, Alexia S

Round 1
Signature Round, not scored.

Thank you

A very big thank you to the amazing Judges involved in this comp, they really were so dedicated and took the competition very seriously. Thank you to Deb & Nat from the Shuk; Fay from Kitchen Garden and Ronit from the ELC Kitchen.

The BCPA is preparing a video of the competition for families to watch and enjoy over the holidays.

Throughout the year Nat and Deb may shout-out to the other contestants who have inspired them.

Keep a lookout for your name on the Shuk menu!

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