Bialik Students Swim For MS in the Maccabi Swimathon

Kol ha’kavod to Bialik’s team of over 20 members who participated in the MS Maccabi National Swimathon held at Bialik, in the Gringlas Sports Centre, on Sunday 24 November 2019.

The Bialik team, which was led by Mazkirut Sports Leaders Harry C and Mika G, raised $2,409.00 for this important cause. Nationally, the event raised over $20,000 and boasted 190+ participants.

Maccabi Australia praised the Bialik students, saying they were fantastic on the day and added to the positive energy of this community event.

The MS Maccabi National Swimathon, now in its ninth year, is an event of fitness and fun that contributes valuable fundraising for both Maccabi Australia and Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

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