Bialik’s Babysitting Introductory Service

What is the Bialik Babysitting Introductory Service (BIS)?

BIS facilitates Bialik parents to book Bialik students or Alumni babysitters

Benefits of BIS

  • Offers parents access to affordable babysitting
  • Allows parents to support the College’s eco-system
  • Gives students a paying job to gain responsibilities and experience

How does it work?

Step 1: Parents email [email protected] BIS and ask for an available babysitter

Step 2: The BIS administrator then sends a message to all the BIS students (usually via WhatsApp) with the babysitting criteria

Step 3: The first suitable person to reply is given the job

Babysitter requirements

  1. Babysitter must be in Year 9-12 or a Bialik Alumni
  2. Babysitter must read and agree to Terms and Conditions.

Babysitter responsibilities

Failure to meet any of these responsibilities will result in removal from the service. 

  1. Make sure that children in your care are safe
  2. Keep track of your appointments
  3. Get to your job on time
  4. Dress appropriately
  5. Be professional and polite


  • One-off $10 annual BIS fee per school year – payable by the parent via Trybooking
  • Parents pay the babysitter directly at the end of their session (bank transfer or cash)


  • Non drivers – $15 an hour
  • Drivers – $20 an hour
  • For driver with daytime work – $22 an hour


The School does not play any role in any babysitting arrangement that may arise from this service. All such arrangements are private between the student and the parents requiring a babysitting service. The School will not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any babysitting arrangements made or sought to be made.

Contact [email protected]

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