Bialik Wolves Swimming Update

EISM Division 1 Championship

Tuesday night saw the Bialik Wolves Swimming Team compete in the EISM Division 1 Championship. 

After a tough 12 months for our swimmers, we were finally able to get back to the competition.  We saw the true Bialik Wolves spirit even before the actual night as some outstanding individuals from across different year levels volunteered to join the team at late notice to ensure that we had the full quota of athletes.  These students are the reason for our success as they put the College’s needs ahead of their personal feelings and realised that we are all in this together.  It is this type of attitude and sacrifice that makes these students so special.  I would like to personally thank them all for their efforts and let them know how proud we are of them all.  Of course, we had some outstanding performances as well:

Peri A – 2nd U/13 50m Freestyle, Breastroke
Hanna G – 2nd U/14 50m Freestyle and 3rd 50m Backstroke and Butterfly
Lara D, Halle K, Peri A and Bindi B – 2nd U/13 Medley Relay 3rd Freestyle Relay
Lexie P, Alize F, Hanna H and Ruby H – 2nd U/14 Medley Relay

On top of these excellent results, we have also had another 12 students qualify for the upcoming Champions Carnival which is a selection of the best swimmers across the 3 Divisions.

Finally, it gives me great pleasure to announce that in 2021 Bialik College was awarded the trophy as the “Most Improved” school based on the point tally for the night and on top of that we have secured our place for another year in the top division of swimming, being the only Jewish School who has qualified for this honour.  More photos will come as the EISM hired a professional photographer for the night due to the Covid restrictions so we are awaiting the photos!

Overall a great night of swimming and more importantly a great demonstration of the character that makes the Bialik Wolves so special.

Mick Wheeler
Director of Sport

Division Swimming

Our Primary Swimming Team competed in the Division Swimming Championships which is the second stage of the process as swimmers compete for the State Title. 

The Bialik Wolves had 5 competitors, Edith S, Esther S, Rosie F, Zoe I and Archie R reach this level and they all performed admirably.  Highlight of the meet was Archie R finishing 5th in the 50m Freestyle. 

The experience gained through competing in these types of events is invaluable and we look forward to continued success from these gifted students.

Mick Wheeler
Director of Sport

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