On Friday 31 July, eight students participated in the Bialik College Bible Quiz, competing from home and on campus simultaneously: Ashley B (Year 8), Mia W (Year 9), Jennifer B (Year 9), Madeleine B (Year 10), Eden G (Year 10), Dustin F (Year 10), Maya S (Year 10) and Adam E (Year 11).

This was an extremely complex competition requiring lengthy study and preparation. Students were tested, in-depth, on the biblical books of Ruth and Esther. All students volunteered to participate, studying in their own time, and should be incredibly proud of their efforts.

The competition was EXTREMELY tight, but ultimately, the two winners of the Bialik College Bible Quiz for 2020 were: Mia W & Maya S.

These two students will now proceed to the Australia-wide Bible Quiz. They will compete against students from Jewish day schools across the country. The two winners of the national round will then compete in the International Bible Quiz in Jerusalem on Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) in 2021. This is a televised event, where, amongst others, the President and Prime Minister of Israel ask the questions.

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