Bioeyes Biomedical Science Excursion

We really enjoyed the Bioeyes Biomedical Science excursion to Monash Clayton with 18 other Year 4 and 5 students. We learnt about zebrafish and the important role they play in the field of biomedical science. We used a microscope to observe each stage of the zebrafish lifecycle. We could see the zebrafish embryos and then in another petri dish the stage when they have just hatched after only 72 hours!! One of the main things we were focusing on is called fish core. Fish core is when scientists do special DNA tests on fish to help create cures for disease. This is because they have similar DNA to humans, so it makes them a great choice.

We were shown the special rooms where they keep 1000’s of zebrafish in tanks and a few sharks and axolotl.

A biomedical scientist gave us a tour through their labs where they are trying to invent new medicines to cure Parkinsons disease. We had to wear lab coats because it is a sterile environment. We learnt many new things – science is fascinating! Overall the excursion was great, we really enjoyed it.

By Olivia W and Indigo D, Year 4C

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