Bnei Mitzvah Students Discover Their Jewish Roots

The Year 7 students are digging into their roots as part of their Bnei Mitzvah program. On Wednesday 27 February, they were visited by representatives from the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society who spoke to them about creating their family trees and gave the students tips on how to conduct their research.

The students went on to work on their family trees and, in one case, the results were remarkably surprising. There was a lot of excitement in the room when Lexi G discovered that she is a relation to “The Vilna Gaon” – a Talmudist who was commonly referred to as “the pious genius from Vilnius”. He was a very well-known Jewish leader and scholar in Europe during the 18th Century, and it is said that Rabbis from all over would send their most troubling questions to him for advice.

It was also exciting for some of the students to discover that they are related to each other!


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