Buchenwald Ball

Last Sunday Bialik proudly hosted the ‘Buchenwald Ball’, celebrating 76 years since the liberation of the ‘Buchenwald Boys’. This special gathering was held in the Bursztyn Family Senior Library where more than 200 community members danced and shared the incredible stories of survival of their fathers and grandfathers. We were delighted to see many of our current and past students, parents and grandparents at the event.

The ‘Buchenwald Boys’ are a group of Holocaust survivors who were liberated from the Buchenwald concentration camp on 11 April 1945. Their story is one of resilience, friendship, and rebuilding life after tragedy .

The Boys arrived at Buchenwald from different locations in Europe, however their shared experience of survival which eventually landed them in Melbourne in the 1940s, formed the basis for lifelong connections between the Boys, their partners, children and subsequent generations. Each year since arriving in Australia, the Boys have celebrated their liberation at annual event called ‘Buchenwald Ball’.

More information on the Buchenwald Boys can be found here https://www.monash.edu/buchenwald-boys/home.

The Buchenwald Boys website was authored by historian and Bialik grandparent Dr Anita Frayman, and has become a part of the Victorian schools’ curriculum for Holocaust education in Year 10. 

Principal Jeremy, was the keynote speaker and explored the concept of remembrance as an expression of Jewish history. He spoke of the important role our Jewish day schools play in keeping our community connected and ensuring the stories of the Survivors are never forgotten. It was an honour and privilege to welcome the Buchenwald Boys and their families to Bialik.

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