At Bialik College, we are passionate about preparing our students for life after graduation and choosing their next steps with confidence.

We have some great resources accessible to both our Senior School students (Years 10 – 12) and parents.

Our Bialik Careers website is a fabulous resource for students and parents. Our Year 10s are already utilising its array of resources through their Identity and Leadership program.

Careers Newsletter
The Careers newsletter will be posted on the website under Important Information every couple of weeks. Career News Nos. 1, 2 are there now. These newsletters contain essential information on courses, careers, and events.

The Careers website Messageboard is updated regularly.

The careers unit can help with information such as:
• University and TAFE courses, specific course and career material
• A range of web-based career information
• Resume and interview skills resources
• Information on overseas exchange & GAP programs
• Apprenticeship and traineeship material
• Work experience
• Interstate universities, part-time jobs
• Scholarship information
• Career information sessions,
• Open days
• Subject selection
• Careers news published on the Bialik careers site
• And much more.

Jeni Ritterman
Careers Coordinator & Counsellor

Feel free to contact Jeni with questions or queries.
[email protected]

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