BCPA Helpful Tips for Lockdown

The Bialik College Parents’ Association wishes everyone a speedy and healthy extended ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown. If you are currently queuing for the Pfizer vaccine or are still stuck on hold to the hotline, here are a handful of ideas to help pass the time:

  1. Check out Time Out Melbourne (Time In) for some useful tips about surviving another lockdown in Melbourne:
  2. Check out these audio meditation apps for decompressing:
  3. Look up or go to to purchase and have delivered a craft activity (it may even arrive before you get home)!
  4. Create your own age-appropriate Escape Room at home with helpful hints online for some great family fun:

Some good free DIY escape room puzzle ideas include:

  • Compose a message with invisible ink
  • Place a clue inside a balloon
  • Leave a diary lying around
  • Bury a clue inside a hollowed-out book
  • Use a letter lock
  • Use your phone as a lock
  • Write instructions in a foreign language

5. For a limited time, The Melbourne Theatre Company are offering their plays to viewers online, including ‘Berlin’:

6. Plan and get creative with your leftover vegetables in the fridge to make a hearty winter soup (Calling to mind the folktale about the Magical Stone Soup

We will get through this together. Stay safe and well and see you soon!

The BCPA 🙂


Yom Ha’atzmaut 2020

This year we celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli’s 72nd birthday, like never before, physically apart but together in spirit. Students from Creche to Year 12 got involved in various ways and students and many staff submitted a photo of themselves in blue and white which formed a collage. Some on the day activities included:

  • creating Israeli flags in ELC
  • creating a Israeli themed designs with 72 objects in Primary 
  • Mazkirut led sessions in the Primary School
  • lots of fun videos to help us feel united on this special day.

Watch our Yom Ha’atzmaut Videos

Celebrity Shout Outs Part 1:
Secondary School Video:
Primary School Video:
Lockdown by Julian M:
Celebrity Shout Outs Part 2: