Mazel Tov to our Class of 2020!

Shalom Kehilla
I am delighted to share with you the outstanding results of the Class of 2020. We are proud of every single member of our wonderful graduating cohort. Their achievements reflect their hard work, the support of their parents and the dedication of their teachers in every year level of the College.
With this inspiring set of results that in each of the previous 10 years would place us in the very top echelons of the State, our Class of 2020 rose to the challenge of a particularly difficult year. With confidence, menschlichkeit and resilience, they can Step Forth With Courage into the world.
Have a healthy, safe and enjoyable Summer,
Jeremy Stowe-Lindner


Caring for our students

Written by Daphne Gaddie, Head of Early Learning Centre (ELC)

“Connecting the brain to the rest of the body: early childhood development and lifelong health are deeply intertwined.”

This is a statement from the publication titled ‘Centre on The Developing Child – Harvard University’, which goes on to say that “adult-child relationships, other early experiences, and environmental exposures influence child well-being. An increasing number of policies and programs around the world now reflect that understanding by supporting children’s early learning and nutrition to improve their readiness to succeed in school. As scientific knowledge continues to grow, we also know more clearly than ever how the conditions and environments in which children develop affect lifelong health as well as educational achievement.”

This is a responsibility that is felt deeply by all those in early childhood education.

The Early Years Learning Framework recognises that children’s learning is dynamic, complex, and holistic. Physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic aspects of learning are all intricately interwoven and interrelated.

Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia) knew that education is among the most precious rights of all children, a common good-but not just any education-it has to be an education based on relationships; an education that at its very essence gives value to every child’s right to be respected and valued as a unique individual.

Bialik is unique in that it has children from the ages of 3 months to 18 years on one campus. We have sustained focussed leadership and accountability. Together with its sports centre, it is a hub that supports a community.
The kitchen in the Early Learning Centre (ELC) provides nutritious food to creche and kinder children and the Shuk provides food to all the other children and staff and has offered prepared meals to the wider community during the Covid-19 lockdown; all catering to our health and wellbeing.

Our team of psychologists, counsellors and all other well trained ancillary professionals work with children and adults supporting all members of our community.

2020 has been a challenging year globally and in Melbourne we have experienced a very long period of lockdown. As our teams of teachers prepared for online digital teaching, they continued to collaborate and explore ways to connect with children and families and to provide rich learning for the children.

Each year the ELC produces a journal “Windows into Children’s Thinking” and it is supported by an exhibition; a display of documentation of children’s learning throughout the year. These are based always on an overarching big idea and in 2020 this was “Crossing Boundaries.” This year the exhibition will not go ahead, however the journal is in its final stages before printing. It will focus not just on children’s learning but also on the reflections of teachers during this very challenging time.


Footy Colours day

This Saturday is the AFL grand final and to celebrate this exciting event, on Thursday 22 October, Bialik is celebrating Footy Colours Day! Students were given the chance to wear their favourite footy jerseys, scarfs and beanies to show pride for their footy team.

Each year on the day before the public holiday, the Fight Cancer Foundation holds a national campaign, Footy Colours Day, which aims to raise money and support kids with cancer. Even in the exciting moments, it is important to remember those who need our support and what better way to do that than to get involved in this amazing day! Students were asked to bring a gold coin donation to participate in the day, with all proceeds going to the Fight Cancer Foundation.


Prep and Year 1s enjoy Family Maths Games

On Thursday 8 October, we welcomed over forty students and families to our Prep and Year 1 Family Maths Games Evening on Microsoft Teams. Maths Games have formed the basis of many meaningful learning experiences throughout Digital Bialik. It was wonderful to celebrate this learning as a school community and listen to students as they shared their strategic thinking about each game. All games from the evening can be accessed here to continue the learning at home.


Bialik Rising Star 9

Congratulations to Bialik Rising Star 9 award recipients:

Junior Section Winner: Tara F

Intermediate Section Winners: Mia V and Monique Z

Senior Section Winner: Max D

Encouragement Award: Leon P

Overall Bialik Rising Star 2020: Ella H

Bialik Rising Star 9 – In the Name of Love – was streamed to the school community on Monday 7 September. The positivity and energy displayed by competitors, back-up musicians and crew alike, in the face of this year’s unique challenges, were commendable throughout the production process, and a testament to our students’ resilience and determination. Adjudicators Nancy Calò and Gabe Zafrin both stated that their task was exceedingly difficult due to the extremely high standard of vocal ability and musical maturity and stressed that each and every one of the participants is a winner!

The video will remain live via until end of term.


Year 2s interview Year 12 students

This term the Year 2s have been exploring a History unit with a focus on Understanding the past to understand the future. As part of their investigations into the past, Year 2A had the wonderful experience of interviewing Ayden, Hayley and Tom from Year 12 about their time when they were in Year 2 many years ago. The interviews were conducted on TEAMS and after a short introduction the students broke up into different channels led by their Year 12 mentors.  The smaller group interviews started with the Year 2s asking open and closed questions about how school uniforms, subjects, rules, buildings, games, and the timetable have changed in the 10 years since they were in Year 2. The conversations were informative, rich and at times very funny, and it was so awesome to hear the Year 12 students speak passionately about their experiences and memories from the past. Some of the biggest changes the Year 2s learnt from the experience were iPads were not around and the price of food from the Shuk has increased as well as many changes to the menu. 2A students have also invited Ayden, Hayley and Tom to visit their actual classroom when back on campus to share some of the new things that have happened in Year 2. A great experience for everyone involved! 


2021 Director of Jewish Life

2021 Senior Leadership Team

Following Dan Sztrajt’s forthcoming transition to Assistant Principal Pastoral Care / Head of Middle School, I am delighted to announce that from January 2021, Zach Gomo will be stepping into the role of Director of Jewish Life.

Bialik is unique amongst Victorian Jewish Schools (and indeed most Jewish schools globally) as a pluralist Jewish school, embracing and teaching the reality that Judaism describes different, yet equally valid, paths to different people.

Zach is currently Head of Jewish Studies in the Secondary School, and joins the Senior Leadership Team with an inspiring vision to develop the pluralist Jewish life of the College.  A graduate of Bialik College, Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel, the Israeli Defence Forces and three Melbourne universities, Zach is renowned throughout the College as an outstanding teacher, a mensch and an inspirational leader. 

We are delighted to welcome Zach to his new role.


Bialik Baking

Lockdown 4.0

A Chocolate Mouse Monday Morning

Bread Sushi Rolls

Year 1 students had another wonderful cooking session online and made Bread Sushi Handrolls using their favourite bread and fillings. The children loved making and eating their Handrolls so much that some of them then made more for their family for dinner that night or lunch the next day. Click here to view the recipe.

College Notices 10 September 2020

Herb, cream and salmon muffins

Ingredients for the muffins

2 ½ cups self-raising flour

1 tablespoon caster sugar

¾ cup of milk

1 egg, lightly beaten

½ cup vegetable oil

2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill

2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves

3 green onions (spring onions), finely chopped

1garlic clove, crushed

Ingredients for the topping of the muffins

½ cup spreadable cream cheese

150g smoke salmon, sliced

Extra dill sprigs to serve


Step 1

Preheat oven to 190 degrees/170 degrees fan-forced. Grease 2 x 12 hole, 2 tablespoon-capacity flat-based patty pans. Combine the flour, sugar, dill, parsley and green onion in a bowl. Make a well in the centre.

Step 2

Add milk, egg, oil and garlic. Mix until just combined. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon mixture evenly between holes of prepared pans.

Step 3

Bake for 15-17 minutes or until golden and just firm to touch. Stand in pans for 5 minutes. Turn onto a wire rack to cool.

Step 4

Serve muffins topped with cream cheese, salmon and extra dill.

Eggplant Caponata


1 tablespoon olive oil, plus a splash

1 red onion, finely chopped

1 eggplant

1 teaspoon dried oregano

2 tablespoons capers

400ml can of diced tomatoes

2 slices of crusty bread

½ small pack of basil

½ lemon juiced


  1. Heat the olive in a high sided frying pan over a high heat, add the onion and eggplant with a big pinch of salt and fry until golden and softened, around 10 minutes. Crush in the garlic with the oregano and cook for 1 minute max, then tip in the capers and tomatoes. Half fill the empty can with water and add to the pan, bring to the boil then turn the heat down to a simmer until the sauce has thickened and the veg softened.
  2. Toast the bread, then drizzle with a little more olive oil. Squash the tomatoes a bit with the back of the spoon, then stir in half the basil and season the caponata, adding lemon juice, salt and black pepper to taste. Tip into bowls, top with the remaining basil and serve.

College Notices 3 September 2020

Year 6 Linguine with avocado, tomato & lime


115g wholemeal linguine (or your own pasta)

1 lime, zested and juiced

1 avocado, stoned, peeled and chopped

2 large tomatoes, chopped

½ pack of fresh coriander, chopped

1 red onion, finely chopped

1 red chilli deseeded and finely chopped (optional)


  1. Cook the pasta to pack instructions-about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, put the lime juice and zest in a medium bowl with the avocado, tomatoes, coriander, onion and chilli, if using, and mix well.
  2. Drain the pasta, toss into the bowl and mix well. Serve straight away while still warm or cold.

College Notices 27 August 2020

Year 1 Gimmel – Breakfast cookies

Year 1 Gimmel had a fantastic cooking session online where they made ‘Breakfast’ cookies using only four ingredients.
The children really enjoyed the experience.
With the help of some very enthusiastic adults, the cookies were placed in the oven to bake and 15 minutes later the children happily and excitedly tucked into their homemade cookies. The verdict – delicious, yummy, chocolatey, gooey cookies. Click here or on image to view the recipe.

Year 6 Middle Easter Flatbread

On Friday, 6B English and Humanities baked flatbread in order to help us write diaries from the point of view of Jamal and Bibi, the main characters in Boy Overboard. There is a scene in which Jamal bakes bread on the diesel engine for the asylum seekers on the boat. This was a fun thing to bake. We mixed the flour and yoghurt by hand, let it sit for 20 minutes then rolled it into balls, flattened it with a rolling pin and fried it. Some of us made mini pizzas out of it. Some just had good old fashioned butter. We all had a great time.

Year 9 French – making crepes

J’ai préparé des crêpes pour ma famille. Ma famille les a vraiment aimées.

Year 6 and 7 student-led cooking

Year 6 and 7 students voted as a class what they wanted to cook and in Year 7, one of the students actually ran the session; he organised the recipe and lead the class step by step. Some promising new contenders for the BCPA Junior Masterchef competition.

Year 6 easy Linguine recipe

Click on image above for Linguine recipe


Primary Science Week

Last week our Primary School had Science Week as part of Digital Bialik.

Activities included:

  • Making lava lamps to further their understanding of density
  • Writing biographies of famous scientists
  • Dressing up and creating science backgrounds via Teams
  • Introducing Geology through drawing
  • Online excursions learning about animal adaptions at the Melbourne Zoo and the SciFest 2020: Surviving Antarctica. Next week Year 3 will be ‘visiting’ ScienceWorks and the Year 4 will participate in the Super Science Showcase.
Year 3 – Honey Eater Drawings

A COVID Mitzvah

Bialik Shuk’s Natalie Shostak and Deb Poratt have aligned with Our Village Kitchen and Jewish Care to provide meals for Jewish families in need throughout this challenging time. Each week the women cook between 20-50 kosher parve meals from their kitchen at Bialik College, including soups, salads, main meals and sweet treats. The meals are collected by volunteers and distributed by Jewish Care to the Jewish Care’s Family Disability Respite Centre.

With Melbourne experiencing Stage 4 restrictions, the need arose when Our Village Kitchen who have been cooking Shabbat dinners with Middle School Bialik College students for over four years, no longer had the facilities to cook in.

OVK, Founders, Romy Bursztyn and Jo Star, approached Natalie and Deb who were very happy to help out.

“We have been very fortunate to pivot successfully over the last few months. Our team would all agree it’s such a pleasure to be feeling useful in this time of uncertainty. The Bialik community and beyond have welcomed our Babayit initiative with open arms. By having our food at home, students can experience the taste of school – a little something to normalise these crazy times, and we have provided their families with some respite from home cooking. It’s also been a wonderful opportunity for those outside Bialik to see what we do here, respecting our customers with fresh, innovative, house made produce. Just because you aren’t at school doesn’t mean you leave your tastebuds at the front gate”. – Natalie Shostak, Shuk Manager