Adon Balon!

Did you know that Principal Jeremy has a secret talent? At the end of Term 2, he visited the ELC to show them his impressive skills at making balloon animals! This was a great way for Principal Jeremy to bond with some of the youngest students in the school, as well as enjoy a bit of time clowning around.


The Bialik Creche Turns One

Party hats, cupcakes and smiles all around! On July 1, the Creche celebrated its first birthday with a special Kabbalat Shabbat at the end of that week.

Thank you to all the wonderful families who make up our beautiful Creche family. A special thank you also to the amazing staff and educators who make the Creche so warm and special, especially Melanie, Michelle, Daphne and Principal Jeremy.


Musica Habayita Soiree

On Tuesday June 16, Bialik held its first ever online soiree.

As with all areas of the arts, we had to respond to these challenging times and came up with an idea that would still work musically for our students and also maintain the integrity of the event.

Musica Ha’bayita (music in the home), was that response. Students worked hard at recording their performances at home and when put together, culminated in a wonderful hour of quality entertainment.

At last count, Musica Ha’bayita had 535 views. We have reached so many people through the online event and the support and positive feedback from the community surpassed our expectations.

Kol Ha’kavod to all involved.

Julian Duband
Head of Music


Junior String Orchestra

The Junior String Orchestra, made up of students from Years 4-6, has been busy rehearsing in their individual Year levels over the last few months.

In the last week of Term 2, they came together for the first time to play as an orchestra and to hear how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

After working hard over the last three years to build up our string program, we can finally see and hear the potential we have, and it’s very exciting. We plan to enter the String Orchestra festival later this year.


All Aboard Bialik Airlines!

Here are some fun photos from the Primary School’s airport adventure, which took place in the last week of Term 2.

The students showed their documents to Karen Friede – Customs Officer! Karen was assisted by her trusty Canine Customs Officer, Pluto.

Once inside, the group was addressed by a Pilot who is also a parent at the school. They learned about airport security and other aspects of flying the friendly skies.


What’s on for the winter break?

Check out these great programs running on the Bialik campus during the holidays. Click on the image for more information.

Swimming With Excellence


Juggling Jackpot!

The first ever Bialik College Juggling Competition was held this week with representatives of each Year level from 5-11 attempting to take home the title of “Bialik’s Greatest Juggler”. 

Upon returning from the prolonged absence from campus due to Covid-19, every student had the opportunity during Sport class to advance to the finals. 

The representatives from each year level were as follows:

Year 5- Yhonatan C; Year 6 – Hayden G; Year 7 – Sam D; Year 8 – Ilyusha S; Year 9 – Daniel C; Year 10 – Bailey L; Year 11 – Jamie S; Staff member – Stef D

After 4 rounds of competition, which included 3-ball juggling, 2-ball one-hand juggling, 3-ball trick juggling and 4-ball juggling , each round being judged by 3 expert adjudicators, we had our final result: the winners were as follows: 1st – Sam D; 2nd – Daniel C; 3rd – Yhonatan C

“Three Worlds” – a trick shop in Brunswick – kindly donated prizes for all 8 of our finalists, and a fantastic $100 voucher for the shop. 

Kol ha’kavod to everyone who participated and to the winners for their exceptional effort.


Year 8s immersive study in medieval Japan

Our Year 8s have been studying medieval Japan this term, including learning about the life of a samurai warrior. Andreas Kammel, Makerspace Facilitator, conducted an interactive Kendo lesson. Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art that was created when the age of the samurai was ending, as a way of preserving their culture and practices. Andreas demonstrated his use of metal and bamboo swords and then put on his traditional armour and allowed the students to strike him! It was a great way for the students to experience the legacy of an historic period they had studied


Bialik Student Meets Broadway Superstar

Year 8 student Ella H recently had the opportunity to have an online Masterclass with Broadway Superstar Laura Bell Bundy. Laura is a well-known Broadway celebrity, having played the original Elle Woods in the hit musical ‘Legally Blonde’ and Amber in the original ‘Hairspray’ production. The Masterclass that Ella attended was on Zoom and during the session Ella was given feedback and advice on her singing and acting. Ella believed that the opportunity allowed her to improve her skills. Ella has recently made it to the second round in the ‘Take the Mic’ singing competition. Competition was particularly fierce as there were 350 entries in the teen division. We look forward to watching out for Ella’s progress in the second round.


The Impact of COVID-19 – A Message from Gary Velleman, Vice Principal

Given the success of Digital Bialik, the recent relaxation of restriction levels (with possibly more to come on 22 June) and a sense that life is beginning to head back to normal, it is time to reflect on what take away learnings we have of the intense COVID experience.

For many, a focus has been (and rightly will remain) on the health of loved ones and issues surrounding employment and the economy.  For others, the brilliance or shortcomings of State and Federal politicians have consumed their thoughts and conversations – after all, who among us has not heard, or been offered free advice from an “expert” who possesses the superpower of “knowing exactly what to do in a crisis of this magnitude and is keen to share their insight?”

Through the din, what many elected to notice, and pay attention to, were the myriad of opportunities created and presented by locking down.  At an organisational level, we saw, in real time, the adaptability and resilience of staff, students and parents.  Despite limited preparation before campus closure, collectively, the community was able to ‘pivot’ and overcome many of the obstacles and inconveniences of teaching, learning and managing life “on-line”.

However, it is at the micro-level that many have re-discovered some of life’s simple wonders.  The slowing down of time has allowed nature to begin to heal itself, a rediscovery of board and card games, conversations held with fewer distractions, family meals planned, cooked and eaten together, and a more focused and attentive state of mind.

As the world opens up and the noise of life once again encroaches, the challenge at an individual and communal level is to not become distracted or consumed by the busyness.  Rather, it is to remain steadfast in a genuine commitment to appreciate the pleasures derived from events and happenings that we tend to overlook in our hurry to be heard, right or noticed.

Wishing you continued slowness, awareness and an appreciation of how lucky we are.