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Yom Manhigut 2017

In preparation for the Manhigut program which sees every Year 5 student become a Primary School leader with their own leadership portfolio, the Year 4s participate in Yom Manhigut near the end of Term 4. On this day, there are a variety of fun activities aimed at preparing the Year 4 cohort for their leadership responsilites that will begin the following year.

This year, the students listened to talks by College leaders Karen Friede and Gary Velleman and also engaged in an introductory session with Jared Coony-Harvath (our Neuroscientist-in-residence). Jared will be back next year with more captivating sessions and will be part of our 2018 Primary Manhigut Program.

The Year 4 teachers, together with the Informal team, organised and ran activities that focused on Manhigut skills such as team building, responsibility, public speaking, event organisation and knowing your own strengths.

Following the activities, the students enjoyed a BBQ lunch and in the afternoon had a chance to socialise with friends, munch on a cookie and drink hot chocolate. Thank you to the Etgar students who prepared all the food and drink orders.

To end the day, the group came together for a very special Kabbalat Shabbat.

On Monday 11 December, at the final Primary assembly for 2017, the Year 4s will find out to which portfolio they will contribute in 2018.


The Art of Time

During Art classes throughout the semester, the Year 5 Students have grappled with the wondrous and intriguing notion of time. The exciting culmination of these rich discussions saw students designing their own 3D “Fantasy Clocks” out of papier mâché.


The Herzl Play Comes to Bialik

The Year 4s and 5s had the privilege of being an active audience during the play Herzl – The Dream That Came True. The one-man show features Israeli actor Amichai Pardo, who tells the story of Benjamin Zeev Herzl, whose vision which became the dream for millions of Jews and changed history as we know it. The play, which requires audience participation to act out the various roles, was age appropriate and a wonderful learning opportunity to see story telling as a powerful educational tool.

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Reimagining the Eureka Flag

The Year 5s have been exploring how history impacts the future and how our present day actions can make a difference. They created this impressive version of the Eureka flag, with each square representing a student’s response to the question: “How did the Victorian Gold Rush shape today’s Australia?”