Primary School


Online Storytime

Year 4 student Amelie K wrote a lovely narrative and read it online to a very engaged group of Year 1 students. Well done Amelie! Read Amelie’s story here. Here are some pictures the younger students drew in response to the story.


Yom Ha’atzmaut 2020

This year we celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli’s 72nd birthday, like never before, physically apart but together in spirit. Students from Creche to Year 12 got involved in various ways and students and many staff submitted a photo of themselves in blue and white which formed a collage. Some on the day activities included:

  • creating Israeli flags in ELC
  • creating a Israeli themed designs with 72 objects in Primary 
  • Mazkirut led sessions in the Primary School
  • lots of fun videos to help us feel united on this special day.

Watch our Yom Ha’atzmaut Videos

Celebrity Shout Outs Part 1:
Secondary School Video:
Primary School Video:
Lockdown by Julian M:
Celebrity Shout Outs Part 2:


Bialik Goes Digital

This week we undertook a three day trial of Digital Bialik, an online delivery of our entire Prep to Year 12 curriculum. The trial was a huge success. Every subject, from Maths to English, from PE to Music, and even our kitchen lessons took place online.

Science was supported by our Laboratory Manager videoing science experiments at home, and even the Informal Team had lunchtime ‘hangs’ with our students.

Kol Hakavod to our inspiring teaching and administration teams who have relished the challenge and supported our children to continue learning.


Year 5 Camp – What An Adventure!

Swimming, paddle boarding and bush walking – these were just some of the incredible adventures our Year 5s experienced on their camp. Enjoying the great outdoors, they had a fantastic time being active and learning at the same time.


Science in Motion – Another Fantastic Science Week!

In its sixth year, Science Week at Bialik saw students engaging in a range of activities around the theme of ‘Science in Motion’.

The ELC students investigated how neurons work to help them think and make connections by looking at and touching real brains.

Students in the Primary School got friendly with a variety of Australian animals like Serendipity the baby wallaby, crocodiles and snakes, and learned all about the human body by seeing and touching bones and body parts from different animals. The Year 3 and 5 scientists were amazed by the ‘Big Science Show’, where some brave students helped create a ball of fire!

In the Middle School, students learned the neuroscience behind magic, played with drones and robots, exploded a ball pit with liquid nitrogen, had a scavenger hunt around the school, and connected their Maths and Science skills whilst playing bubble soccer and using the crash carts.

Students from the Senior School honed their Physics skills when they took part in our axe-throwing activity, learned how to protect their brains and battled it out during a domino tower competition.

Throughout the week, students participated in forensics and sport activities, explored virtual reality and hugged some friendly animals during their lunchtimes.

Bialik gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Science Week at Bialik, in memory of Bettie Kornhauser.


Year 4 Monash University Bioeyes Science incursion

The Year 4 students had a Bioeyes incursion to investigate Zebra fish. They are important as they use them for medical research. On day 1, Laura from Monash University came and explained to us we were going to be mating and growing some Zebrafish and we were all really excited.

We got to see the fertilised egg through the microscope – it only took 30 minutes for it to happen! We wrote our scientific observations and drew what we saw. 

On Day 2, when we looked at them they wriggled like worms and every day they grew much bigger.

By Day 4, we could see their hearts beating as they are transparent!

By the end of the five days there were hatched zebrafish swimming around.

It was amazing!

Written by Jesse S, 4C

If you would like further information about Bioeyes and how you can support this projec, please contact Laura Reid (Outreach Education Coordinator.


While you were sleeping – a message from Gary Velleman, Vice Principal

As we approach the end of the third week of the 2020 school calendar, it struck me as to how much happens behind the scenes – over the summer break – to have the school ready and operational for a new school year.  Overall, by the time students arrive, few give a moment of thought to what has transpired to ensure a smooth transition for all.

Like great umpires or referees, who control a game but remain unnoticed and quietly go about their business in the background, with minimum fuss or profile, Frank and his maintenance team are the unsung heroes of the College, overseeing and orchestrating an army of tradespeople and contractors, who, by Day 1, are a distant memory.  Samples of the work arranged and completed over the break include the:

  • refurbishment of the toilets in the VCE Building,
  • fitting of new awnings in the Kindergarten playground,
  • polishing and waxing of indoor courts,
  • health checks on and pruning of trees and garden upkeep,
  • upgrade of electrical and plumbing works,
  • overseeing of a graffiti artist bringing a tired wall to life and,
  • coordination of the purchase, delivery and installation of new lockers in the Middle School

Added to that, consider the work by Finance, HR, Communication, Registrar and others to integrate effectively over 70 new students (not including those starting at Kinder 3) and 20 new staff.  Each addition adds to the fabric of the College, bringing new ideas, new challenges and new opportunities.  By considering all of these elements, one can gain some insight into the scale of human capital invested in getting things “just right” for a new school year.

With the unwavering optimism and energy befitting the young, we enter 2020 knowing that taking time to notice and not to take for granted that which is under our nose, are critical in keeping us grounded and connected.  Whether it be our amazing Graduating class of 2019, where 36% volunteered as “buddies” on a Flying Fox camp (for young people with disabilities) the week after their VCE results came in, or our current cohort who helped make calls for JNF last Sunday, there are plenty of reasons to have Bialik up and running.


Dogs for Life program off to a great start

Our Year 2 students had a great morning with Roxy from Dogs for Life. The aim of the Dogs for Life program is to educate the children on how to care for and model the correct behaviour around dogs; to share the wonderful bonding experience that can occur between a dog and a person; to deal with “animal fears”, and much more.


Year 5 Manhigut (Primary Leaders)

At Bialik College the Manhigut (peer leadership) Program provides every Year 5 student with the opportunity to work in a team on a portfolio of their choosing. There are six leadership portfolios to choose from: Jewish Life & Zionism, The Arts, Assembly, School Culture, Science & Sustainability and Media.

Students take on these leadership roles in an endeavour to increase their own leadership skills and to act as effective role models for the student body. Our school believes that the Manhigut Program is the first step towards preparing our students for community roles as leaders of the future.


Welcome Back to School 2020

It’s been an exciting start to the school year and students are already jumping head-first into their activities, studies and friendship groups. It was fantastic to see so many smiling faces pouring through the gates, bringing the campus back to life!

There is so much to look forward to this year, including watching the newest addition to the Bialik family – the Bialik Creche – grow and expand; as well as programs as diverse as Entrepreneurship Week to Dogs for Life, an exciting Secondary School production, the Arts Festival, Science Week, STEM Day and so much more.

Wishing all our families a happy and challenging year ahead.

Here are a few photos of the first day of school for our new Preppies and students throughout the Year levels.