Primary School


PA Fund Our New Bike Fleet

Thanks to the terrific efforts and foresight of the Head of Sports, Mick Wheeler, the BCPA are thrilled to have assisted in the purchase of an entire fleet of bicycles and related accessories for our students to learn to ride with!

We are looking forward to seeing some fabulous velodrome activities, watch out the Tour de France, here we come … among a host of other exciting events planned for 2020 for our Bialik families, students, parents and grandparents, there will be something on offer for everyone!


Year 5s Graduate – Once Upon A…Tom

On Tuesday 10 December, the Year 5s graduated from Primary School. They invited their families to enjoy a wonderful play, performed by the entire cohort, called “Once Upon A … tom”. The play followed the “first” atom, Adam, in his search for “what really matters?”

After the ceremony and performance, parents and students planted seedlings in the Kitchen Garden and then enjoyed a morning tea together.

We wish our graduating students well as they progress into Middle School.


The Pirate Code – Year 3 Production

On Tuesday 3 December, all students in Year 3 shone on the stage in the Victor Smorgon Hall during their Performing Arts Presentation, ‘The Pirate Code’.

In this production, we followed the journey of young Max, who ran away to join a band of pirates at sea. On his travels, Max discovered an ocean world suffering at the hands of the human footprint. With themes around sustainability, the Year 3 students sent a very strong message to the audience about the real pirate ‘Arrr’s’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Kol ha’kavod to all these students on their outstanding effort.


Year 3 Swim Carnival Splash

Our Year 3 students enjoyed their Swim carnival held on Monday 25 November 2019.


Bioeyes Biomedical Science Excursion

We really enjoyed the Bioeyes Biomedical Science excursion to Monash Clayton with 18 other Year 4 and 5 students. We learnt about zebrafish and the important role they play in the field of biomedical science. We used a microscope to observe each stage of the zebrafish lifecycle. We could see the zebrafish embryos and then in another petri dish the stage when they have just hatched after only 72 hours!! One of the main things we were focusing on is called fish core. Fish core is when scientists do special DNA tests on fish to help create cures for disease. This is because they have similar DNA to humans, so it makes them a great choice.

We were shown the special rooms where they keep 1000’s of zebrafish in tanks and a few sharks and axolotl.

A biomedical scientist gave us a tour through their labs where they are trying to invent new medicines to cure Parkinsons disease. We had to wear lab coats because it is a sterile environment. We learnt many new things – science is fascinating! Overall the excursion was great, we really enjoyed it.

By Olivia W and Indigo D, Year 4C


Yom Manhigut 2019

Yom Manhigut (Leadership Day) took place on Friday 15 November and was a day full of activities, excitement and fun. The day started with a session on the importance of Public Speaking by our one-and-only Deb Farago. The art of Public Speaking is an important skill to develop and acquire and a skill that will stay with our students for life.

Our Year 4s will all be developing this skill by speaking in public during their Manhigut journey next year. 

The main message from Karen Friede was T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More. She also spoke about the five main leadership skills we value here at Bialik and they are:

  • Speak Up
  • Step Up
  • Have a Go
  • Think Team
  • Show the Way

Our Year 4 teachers, together with members of the Mazkirut, organized and ran activities that focused on Manhigut skills such as, team building, responsibility, event organisation and knowing your own strengths.

In the afternoon, representatives of our current Manhigut came to present their Portfolios. This was followed by the students selecting their preferred three portfolios that they would like to be responsible for next year.

Our last keynote, which was delivered by Principal Jeremy Stowe-Lindner, focused on different styles of leadership and leadership skills.

However, no event is complete without yummy food. Our Year 4s enjoyed a BBQ lunch and in the afternoon had a chance to schmooze (socialise) with friends, munch on a cookie and drink hot chocolate. Our day ended with a Year 4 Kabbalat Shabbat.

Now the students are waiting in anticipation to find out the portfolio to which they will contribute next year. All will be revealed on Monday 9 December at our final Primary Assembly.

Stay tuned.


Years 3 and 4 Camp Adventures

The Year 3 and 4 cohorts, along with their Year 10 Leaders, are currently enjoying their camp. The weather has been glorious and lots of adventures have taken place in the sun, surf and sand.


2019 Primary Chess Wrap-Up

The Bialik Primary School Chess Team participated in the State Semi Finals tournament held at St Bridget’s Primary School in North Balwyn on Wednesday the 23 October.

Bialik was one of 14 schools that played and this included over 90 students. 

We narrowly missed going to the State Finals by finishing 6th overall, when the criteria for getting into the Finals was to finish top 5. The team was led by Ilay G, who scored 5 victories from 7 rounds. 

As always, the competition was at a very high level and our school performed very well. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the tournaments this year and especially to Caity Faiman and Rick McLeod, who offered much support in preparation for the tournaments. 

We look forward to another great year in chess in 2020.
Ray Glassoff – Primary School Chess Coordinator


Year 2 Mathematics Parent Workshop

On Thursday 17 October, we welcomed our Year 2 parents to a mathematics workshop focused upon contemporary approaches to teaching and learning mathematics and strategies for fostering mathematics at home.

It was a wonderful community event with participants sharing their experiences of learning mathematics and discussing strategies such as Empty Number Lines and Arrays. The session culminated by stepping inside our Year 2 classrooms to see mathematics in action.

We thank Faina Brickho, Head of Mathematics, for joining the session and reminding us to promote a love of mathematics with our children. The PowerPoint from the workshop is accessible here and if you would like further information, please contact Rebecca Stewart Numeracy Coach [email protected]


First ever Primary Bialika!

For the first time in Bialik College history, all of our Primary Students came together to deliver the inaugural Primary Bialika performance, ‘Let’s Make Some Noise!’. This event showcased Bialik College’s Primary Music program with each primary student performing in this concert, as either a singers or band member. With a multi-cultural repertoire of songs and pieces from Australia, Israel, America, Canada, Ireland and Taiwan, this spirited performance, delivered twice in one day, was enthusiastically received by audience members. Photo credit to Gabriel Altman.