Connecting With Students Through Science Week

Now in its fifth year at Bialik, Science Week took place in the beginning of March and saw students engaging in a range of activities around the theme of ‘Science Connections’.

The ELC investigated the body parts and classifications of living mini beasts from local freshwater ecosystems.

In the Primary School, students made ice cream using only ice and salt to harden their ingredients; held creepy-crawlies like millipedes and giant bush cockroaches; and learned all about the human body by seeing and touching bones and body parts from different animals. The Year 5s were amazed by the ‘Big Science Show’, where some brave students had balloons filled with water lit on fire over their heads and sat on chairs made of nails!

In the Middle School, students learned the neuroscience behind magic, had a bridge building competition and made friends with some furry and scaly Australian animals including everyone’s favourite, the Koala.

Students from the Senior School took part in the bath bomb Health and Wellbeing day elective and watched a ‘Fizzics’ show, complete with a giant ball of fire!

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of Science Week at Bialik in memory of Bettie Kornhauser.

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