Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQ

Please refer to the below for current FAQ on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation:

(last updated 21 July 2020)

Government and Community Financial Support

Helpful links for government and community financial support:


Australian Government Department of Health:

24/7 National Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080

Term 3 – Who is on campus?

Creche, Kinder and Years 10-12 students. All other students are learning via Digital Bialik. For anyone on campus, we would like to update you on the College’s Health Protocols and invite you to read the guidance by following this link.

Term 3 – Compulsory Masks

The following comes into force on the Bialik College campus from Thursday morning 23 July:

·         All parents and visitors must wear a face mask at all times.

·         Whilst DHHS states that ‘teachers don’t have to wear a mask while teaching’, staff are strongly advised, but not required, to wear masks during teaching.

·         Classrooms in which there is more than one adult are considered communal spaces, where masks must be worn by adults, whilst continuing to maintain social distancing from other adults.

·         Students in Years 6 and above must wear a mask at all times on campus (except when it is impractical to do so, such as when eating). Masks must be worn travelling to and from school, including on school buses and public transport.

·         Students below Year 6 (for example the small number of children on campus as part of the Limited On-Campus Provision) may wear a mask if they wish.

There is no requirement to wear a particular type of mask (eg surgical, N95, P2, disposable/reusable, home-made/purchased etc) so long as it covers both the nose and mouth, and so long as (for students) it is a plain mask.

Whilst Victoria’s regulations on when and where to use masks differs from that that provided by the WHO, nevertheless the WHO provides helpful guidance on types of masks  and how to wear them safely.

It is also worth reminding campus attendees to take home all necessary items at the end of each day since there is a remote possibility that at some point the campus becomes inaccessible at short notice. 

Online Learning

How do I access Bialik’s online platforms?


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Creche App: Apple App store:

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Documents to assist with learning from home

Digital Bialik Information Guide – a helpful guide for timetables, handy tips and what else is happening around Digital Bialik.

Events that are changing

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