Windows into Children's Thinking

Each year, Bialik College Early Learning Centre showcases the “Windows into Children’s Thinking” exhibition, highlighting the curiosity, theories and research of young children and their teachers.

View the online version of the Exhibitions here.

School, for us is a place of research, curiosity and wonder and this attitude creates an environment of interest and surprise for both teachers and students. The process of learning is documented and displayed on the walls of classrooms, corridors and in exhibitions like this one.

Daphne Gaddie, Head of the Early Learning Centre, explains: “Documentation underpins our whole approach to understanding learning. It is seen as a way of listening to, respecting and supporting individual and group learning of both children and adults. Documentation alters the dynamic within group learning from individual learning in a group to group learning. A group characterized by an increased awareness of the interdependence of learning, a greater sensitivity to the learning experience of the other, and richer possibilities for choosing ideas. It is a model from which to draw inspiration and to differentiate energy.”

The ELC installation culminates in an acclaimed annual Journal “Windows Into Children’s Thinking”, which is available for sale or download. For more information, please contact [email protected]