Bialik College, in conjunction with EFM Health Clubs, have launched a new fitness club located in the Gringlas Sports Centre.

Treadmills, cross-trainers, rowers, stair masters, life bikes, spin bikes, upper body ergometers and extensive weight equipment have been installed in the Daryl Cohen Weights Centre for the use of staff, students, parents, alumni and the general public.
EFM employ on-site health and Fitness Coaches to guide and motivate members at every session.

EFM Health Club @ Bialik offers:
• Flexible Monthly Memberships (no 12 month lock-in contracts)
• tailored, fun and innovative programs suitable for your own personal fitness level
• clean, well maintained, world-class fitness equipment
• Personal Fitness Coaching for motivation, encouragement and support throughout every session.
• no waiting for machines and express workouts

EFM fitness programs @ Bialik:
EFMs effective and balanced weight loss and general fitness programs are exactly what you need to achieve great results. Your fitness program will incorporate “EFM Cross Training” under the guidance of your own Personal Fitness Coach.

What is EFM Cross Training?
EFM Cross Training is a proven training technique that mixes different activities to boost your metabolism, burn more fat (weight loss) and avoid repetition and boredom. At EFM, we achieve this by combining cardiovascular training with resistance training in a time-effective program.

Cardiovascular Training
This form of training is all about increasing your heart rate and having you exercise at a suitable intensity to improve your general fitness. EFMs state of the art Life Fitness equipment is all low impact and easy to use and your Qualified Fitness Coach will tailor your program targeting your results.

Resistance Training
We’re not talking about giving you “Arnie-arms”, we’re talking about gaining lean muscle (the muscle that gives you shape and tone). Why? Well not just because your new shaped, toned arms will look great, but because gaining lean muscle increases your metabolism, and when that occurs you burn more calories, which in turn assists in weight loss.
In your time – At EFM you can be sure that your workout is tailored to your goals and whether you’ve got 20 minutes or 60 minutes, we’ll guide you through a program that works for you.

Popular results with EFM Cross Training:
• Weight loss
• Increased fitness
• Toning Strengthening
• Increase energy
• Decrease stress
• Feeling better about yourself

Special offers:
• an ongoing discount for all Bialik staff, students, alumni and parents
• FREE trial to get you started – available to the general public too!
• Online special available at efm.net.au

To get started, or for more information, contact Nathan on 0415-366-847 or visit our website on this EFM Health Clubs: Weight loss & fitness