Academic Scholarships

Scholarships, Bursaries and Tuition Awards are offered to students who demonstrate an outstanding potential to benefit from, contribute to, and influence others through the College’s Academic, Music, Performing Arts or Sport programs. Award holders are expected to maintain high academic, musical , performing arts or sporting standards as well as contribute to the wider life of the College.

Bialik College awards scholarships for academic excellence, as well as sport, performing arts and music. Details of scholarships offered are advertised in the media and in College Notices. Scholarship examinations are held annually.

Should you believe that your child meets the criteria for more than one Scholarship or Bursary, please feel free to submit more than one application. However, individuals can hold only one Award at any time.

Academic Scholarships

Bialik College offers a limited number of Academic scholarships to students entering Years 5, 7 and 10 in 2019 (Year levels to be confirmed).

Academic scholarships for entry into Year 5, 2019, are for external studentsonly. Academic scholarships for entry into Years 7 and 10, 2019, are for internal and external students.

Academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of a written examination, school reports and an interview with the Principal. Many factors are taken into consideration before an academic scholarship is granted and a Principal’s interview does not necessarily mean that a scholarship will be offered.

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) conducts the written examination which covers mathematics, written expression and reading comprehension. While Hebrew and Jewish Studies are compulsory at Bialik College, these subjects are not tested in the academic examination.

As well as demonstrating academic excellence, applicants should also be eager to participate in the wide range of opportunities available at the College and respect the Mission, Vision and Values that govern the College.

There is an entry fee for Scholarship applications.

If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact Michelle Bergman, College Registrar, on 9822 7981 or For more information about ACER please refer to their website:

PLEASE NOTE: Students sitting the scholarship test are not automatically enrolled at Bialik College. Please contact the registrar for an application form

General Excellence Awards

The College may offer General Excellence Awards to students entering Year 5 or 7 in 2019 who demonstrate outstanding abilities in a range of areas including Sport, the Arts, Leadership and Academic achievement, but who otherwise may not be successful in their applications for an Academic, Music or Sport Scholarship/Award. Candidates are drawn from the pool of Academic, Music and Sport applications for 2019 and prospective recipients may be required to complete a Financial Disclosure Form.  Occasionally, General Excellence Awards may be granted to exceptionally strong Scholarship applicants in the event of a highly competitive year of entry.

If you would also like to apply for a General Excellence Award when you apply for Academic, Music and/or Sport Awards, please contact the Registrar, Michelle Bergman via email at for a Financial Disclosure Form.

These part-Awards are for three or four years’ duration depending upon the entry year in 2019. Preference may be given to families whose financial need is greater.

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Key Dates


Applications for 2020 Scholarships will open in December 2018.

Examination date: Friday 16 February 2018

Time: 8.45am-12.00pm     Venue: Bialik College

Application closing date: Monday 5 February, 2018. Registration to sit the test must be completed ON-LINE only.

Shortlisted candidates: All candidates who sit the Academic test will be contacted from 12 March, 2018, however only shortlisted candidates will be invited to a Principal’s interview.

Notification of results: Academic scholarships will be offered from the week commencing 12 March, 2018. Individual examination results will be provided to all parents at the conclusion of the entire academic scholarship process.

Entry fee: $109.00.

ACER Scholarship Parent Helpline phone number is 1300 768 952.

On the day of the Academic test

Academic examinations are conducted at Bialik College on Friday 16 February, 2018.

Candidates may bring 2 HB pencils, pencil eraser, pencil sharpener and 2 blue or black pens to the examination. Rulers, mathematical instruments including calculators, calculator watches, watches that beep, mobile phones, books or papers of any kind are not permitted.

As there will be a short break between sections of the test, candidates are encouraged to bring a snack and a drink.