General Excellence Awards

General Excellence Awards including specifically endowed awards and Council Awards

  • There is no specific application form for these awards.
  • Recipients are selected from the pool of applications received for all other awards
  • Families may be requested to complete a financial disclosure to accompany their application

The College may offer General Excellence Awards to students entering Year 5 or 7 in 2019 who demonstrate outstanding abilities in a range of areas including Sport, the Arts, Leadership and Academic achievement, but who otherwise may not be successful in their applications for an Academic, Music, Performing Arts or Sport Scholarship/Award. Occasionally, General Excellence Awards may be granted to exceptionally strong Scholarship applicants in the event of a highly competitive year of entry.

If you would also like to apply for a General Excellence Award when you apply for Academic, Music, Performing Arts and/or Sport Awards, please contact the Registrar, Michelle Bergman via email at for a Financial Disclosure Form.

These part-Awards are for three or four years’ duration depending upon the entry year in 2019. Preference may be given to families whose financial need is greater.