Music Tuition Awards

Bialik College offers Music Tuition Awards to current students in Years 5-11 and prospective students entering the College in Years 6 to 10 in 2020 who demonstrate outstanding musical ability. Music Tuition Awards will be granted on the basis of an audition.

The Awards cover music tuition conducted by Bialik College for a period to be specified. The cost of books, stationery, subject fees, etc is not covered by the Awards.

To apply for an Award, students are required to perform two contrasting pieces at audition on the instrument for which they are applying. They must arrange their own accompanist for the audition. Technical work and sight reading may also be required. Singing students may also apply for a Music Tuition Award, following the above process. As well as outstanding musical achievement, applicants should also be eager to participate in the wide range of opportunities available at the College and respect the Mission, Vision and Values that govern the College.

Music Tuition Awards are governed by specific Conditions and Requirements.

The criteria against which students are marked can be viewed here.

Applications are now closed.