School Sport Scholarships

Bialik College is offering School Sport Scholarships to internal and external students entering Years 8 & 9 in 2023.

Selection Criteria

School Sports Scholarships may be granted to students who demonstrate outstanding sporting ability by meeting all of the following criteria:
• Participation in the Highest State League Division in the student’s chosen Sport, subject to investigation by our Sport Department. Evidence such as video footage should be submitted with the application.
• Demonstrated positive role modelling to fellow students and peers in all sporting programs
• Evidence of current (within the past two years) in-school and out-of-school sporting achievements. Please list all achievements and provide documentary evidence, e.g. photocopy of certificates, medals, etc.
• Up to five minutes of recent video evidence of yourself, playing in a competitive game, in the sport of your choice. This must be continuous play and not a series of highlights.

Applications are now closed.


Shortlisted candidates may be invited to attend an interview with the Principal and Head of Sport, however such an interview does not necessarily mean that a scholarship will be offered.


The value and duration of these part scholarships are at the discretion of the College.

Please note: Individuals can hold only one scholarship / bursary / award at any time.