‘The Paper Cup’: Bialik’s All-New Café Sensation

The Etgar college notices team is back at it this week with another jam (and hot chocolate) packed, behind-the-scenes article! Today we’re taking a deep dive into the Barista program.

As explained in our previous notice, Etgar means to challenge oneself; expand one’s knowledge, and try new skills. Our team decided to live up to our name when searching for news about their delicious new treats.

We interviewed a few members of the Barista team about their delicious recipes and where their profits go, and here is what we discovered.

On an average Friday afternoon, most students are in class, labouring over one assignment or another, but not the Etgar barista team! They’re in the Shuk kitchen, cooking up a storm of delicious café-style food & drinks for their wonderful café, The Paper Cup, and selling it all to students and teachers alike. “Everything is made fresh with quality produce, and a lot of love,” says Sally E, leader of the Barista program.

When you buy a cookie or a hot chocolate from The Paper Cup, all you’re thinking about is what a good idea it was to spend those few dollars you found at the bottom of your school bag on your warm, sweet treat. What you don’t know is behind the counter, a team of year 8 & 9 baristas are busily managing 3 sections of the café, including marketing, selling, and the making of the delicious creations that you can buy. Behind the crafting of the remarkably aromatic coffees and warm, comforting hot chocolates are Justin K and Jaxson B. There are also 2 managers, who oversee the café, and make sure everybody is doing their part.

Not only will buying something from The Paper Cup be a delicious treat to smooth the edges between week and weekend, but you’d be doing a mitzvah to those in need as well! All profits made by the Etgar barista team will be sent to a worthy charity sponsored by Bialik, supporting people and animals in need. “The Barista program is a great opportunity for people to learn a life skill,” says Sally Elliot.

So, if you’re feeling peckish on a Friday afternoon, and you want your hard-earned money to go towards a worthy cause, wander down to the Shuk, or order from one of the waiters walking around the school to make The Paper Cup even more accessible to you all.

By Ashley B, Helena M and Ruth P

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