A Deeper Look into Build a Business

Build a business is one of the 16 elective choices that provide lots of fun and excitement on Friday afternoons. Guided by Rob De Marco, students every term get to get into small groups within the elective and come up with products to present to the school. They are all thought of by the Students, and the groups have many weeks to prepare for their selling days. There are planners to follow, inspirations to watch, and many more factors of Build a Business to enjoy. Here are some quotes of the students that are enjoying this elective this term:

“ I think that build a business is a great way to learn new techniques about how to create a business and how to interact with customers.” – Lara Zohar

Even though you will have to purchase the items that the year 8 and 9’s have made with their groups, you shouldn’t feel bad for spending money on the items, as all of the profits made will be donated to the Lighthouse Foundation! The lighthouse foundation is a non-profit organization that helps young people  who have been through some tough times in their life get through them, and they are supported through their journey and recovery. Last Term, the build a business group went to visit the Lighthouse foundation and learnt about the way that they work.

Build a business is just one of the many electives that can give you confidence to start up your own thing, or get a job in the future. The possibilities of what you create belong to your imagination, and the groups are chosen by you. As long as people enjoy the product you have created and want to buy it, you could help the Lighthouse Foundation out a lot!

Tune in next week, for information about another elective, see you then!

By Gabriella G

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