The ins and outs of building a business

Recently, you might’ve seen some posters stuck on your classroom door, advertising milkshakes or cookies for you to buy.

But where are all these products coming from? In periods five and six every Friday you can find members of the Build a Business Etgar team working hard, thinking of new and creative ways to improve and sell their products. Guided by Rob DeMarco and Jon Ting, the 20 students paired up and designed products to sell around the school and advertisements for them. On certain lunchtimes or Friday afternoons, you can purchase some delicious treats for very reasonable prices. 

To begin creating their businesses, the groups made business plans. These included details about what their product was, what they needed to make it, the cost, their competitors, their target audience and what makes their product stand out from the rest. They then used this to design the ideal advertising campaign and product. This clearly worked as many of the products sold out in less than 2 hours! Alisa managed to make 87 dollars and counting from her delicious cookies. But you don’t need to feel guilty about spending your money, because all the profits made by the businesses will be donated to the Lighthouse foundation, a charity that helps homeless young people. Some other products for sale are icy poles, stress balls and milkshakes.

Build a business gives real world experience for what being an entrepreneur is like and teaches how to overcome challenges and successfully create a business. This is very evident with the group selling milkshakes who, although they got off on a rocky start, managed to make outstanding amounts of money. They used the skills they learned in build a business to conquer their challenges and come out on top, which is what Etgar is all about! 

By Ashley B, Helena M and Ruth P

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