A Deeper Look into Emmy Monash

Welcome back to Term 2 of the Igeret!

Before we begin, here is a quick recap of what ETGAR is all about:

Every term, students from Years 8 and 9 get to choose new electives from the many choices available. Each elective can give you benefits for your future, and you get to have tons of fun while doing them. On the last two periods of every Friday, Year 8s and 9s band together and take part in the elective that they have chosen.

“This is a great opportunity to bond together, and learn about their (residents) life experiences and how they got here (to Emmy Monash).” Eden said.

Emmy Monash is one of the 16 elective choices that provides lots of fun and excitement on Friday afternoons. Guided by Lindy Broadfoot, students from Years  8 and 9 every term get to leave the school premises and go to the Emmy  Monash Aged Care Centre, to interact with the residents. Every week, each student gets paired with a different resident. They get to meet and interact with different people every week.

This provides an insight to the daily life of the residents and what they went through to be living in Emmy Monash. Many of the residents arrived after they found out that they would need some sort of help, many have dementia or other disease/illnesses, which give the students exposure to things they may not have heard much about before. The students get to hand out Challah and greet the residents by saying a Shabbat Shalom. After the students arrange flowers, the residents of Emmy Monash choose whether to play Bingo, Rummikub, or do another activity that has already been arranged each week for them. 

Emmy Monash is just one of the many electives that can give you confidence to meet new people and interact with them, or assist with getting a job in the future. The way you can connect with them is endless, doing anything will help these people learn more about you. You can also learn about the people living in Emmy Monash. The residents can talk to you, and you can let them know about things that are happening recently they may have missed out on.

Tune in next week, for information about another elective, see you then!

By Gabriella, Ruby, and Sunny

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