A Deeper Look into Koala Kids – Bialik ETGAR Term 2

Before we begin, here is a quick recap of what ETGAR is all about:

Every term, students from year 8 and 9 get to choose new electives from the many choices there are. Each elective can give you benefits for your future, and you get to have tons of fun while doing them. On the last 2 periods of every Friday, the year 8’s and 9’s band together and take part in the elective that they have chosen.

Koala Kids is one of the 16 elective choices that provide lots of fun and excitement on Friday afternoons. Guided by Mandy Mandie, two students every term get to pack boxes for children suffering with cancer. The students chosen get to work in a functioning office environment. Koala Kids mainly provides workshops, activity days, arts and craft bees, and many more before the Covid restrictions came in place. Now the organization is focusing more on packaging food, games, arts and crafts, and essentials for the children’s everyday use.  Overnight packs are  also available, as well as toiletry bags, food packs and other essentials. This is not only to help make the children’s life more comfortable and enjoyable, but to support parents and siblings too. Koala Kids is just one of many great work experience options that give students the confidence to apply for jobs in the future. 

While working at the Koala kids headquarters, the students are actually a part of the organisation. Eden and Zac from last term helped create food, games and arts and craft packages. They also bundled donation boxes and smash cakes into boxes for delivery. Here are some quotes from the students of last terms Koala Kids;

“At Koala Kids, I learnt more about kids living with cancer, and how making  little daily routines more joyful and enjoyable can make a big difference. I also learnt about  the logistics of running an office, as well as the financial side. Lots of effort goes into finding donors.”

Koala Kids is a non-profit organization that helps bring joy and happiness to Melbourne’s youth living with cancer and their carers. The main aim of Koala Kids is to help out children that suffer with cancer of any kind, and to help families get through the difficult times.

Tune in next week, for information about another elective, see you then!

By Gabriella G

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