A Deeper Look into ETGAR in Lockdown

Following the extension of the current lockdown in Victoria, the year 8’s and 9’s ETGAR choices were kept online for this week. Some of the choices you have already read about were not able to be done, such as barista. Not many year 8’ and 9’s would just have a coffee machine lying around their house, so the teachers have changed the electives! There was one add-on to the list of online ETGAR’s. Instead of 16 choices, there are now 12 choices, but they are all as fun as the normal ones! Some of the electives have stayed the same if they were still able to be done, such as Extreme Sports and Cooking For a Cause. The new electives were introduced, but only for a temporary time. Some examples of the new ones are Roadset and some Zen Gardening!

The year 8’s and 9’s got to choose 2 electives to participate in, as for this Friday, they only run for one hour each. The classes were all fun, and they were still teaching things that could be used in the future!

Zen Garden with Sally Elliot, the option is only available for the year 8’s. In Zen Garden, the students get to design their own pattern from any powdery material in a bowl or tupperware. They get to design the things that they feel is right for them. The students can create their own personal garden the whole lesson, drawing lines, placing stones and decorations where it feels right for you. You would also get a brief history about Zen gardening and where it is from!

For Extreme Sports since it is a lockdown at the moment, the Extreme sports is similar to a normal sport lesson, but better! Led by Daniela D’Amelio and Mark Robinson, The Extreme sport students have a choice of doing what they want from these three; A Workout, The 500 and going for a walk with Strava. Going for a walk with Strava for 30 minutes, and then you can go outside and breathe the fresh air while moving yourself! In the 500, you get extremely active through the lesson while doing 100 push ups, 100 crunch sits, 100 burpees, 100 star jumps, and 100 squats. And for the work out, you will find a workout clip on youtube, participate in it and do it yourself. 

There are more fun choices such as Film analysis. Led by Brad Rychter, the students got to watch an episode of their choice and answer a few questions in a worksheet. Some examples are “what did you enjoy about that episode?” “ What did you dislike about the episode?” and “ what would you rate the episode out of 5?”

Tune in next week, to learn more about ETGAR, and stay safe!

Gabriella G.

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