A Deeper Look into ETGAR in Lockdown

Because of the current situation in Victoria, the year 8’s and 9’s ETGAR choices were switched up a bit for this week. Some of the choices you have already read about were not able to be done, such as barista. Not many year 8’ and 9’s would just have a coffee machine lying around their house, so the teachers have changed the electives! Instead of 16 choices, there are now 11 choices, but they are all as fun as the normal ones! Some of the electives have stayed the same if they were still able to be done, such as Extreme Sports and Cooking For a Cause. Many new ones were introduced, but only for the temporary time. Some examples of the new ones are Drawing and some study skills!

The year 8’s and 9’s got to choose 2 electives to participate in, as for this Friday, they only run for one hour each. The classes were all fun, and they were still teaching things that could be used in the future! In Drawing with Carol Andrews in Period 5 and Miriam Ryan in period 6, the students learnt how to draw using tones, and then practiced drawing lips, a nose or eyes, it was your choice. Learning to draw with tone can help if anyone wants to become an artist in their future, or even if they just enjoy drawing! 

For cooking for a cause, since it is a lockdown at the moment, the cause is your hunger! Led by Belinda Lee and Ian Poyser, the cooking for a cause students had to join the call, but others who wanted to try it out were also able to. The students were emailed recipes to choose from, and were able to cook what they chose. Many chose desserts such as choc chip cookies! Cooking for a Cause ran for both Period 5 and Period 6, but it was great to be able to try your delicious desserts after they were finished!

There are also educational elective choices such as learning about Cryptocurrency! Guided by Amy Ho, the students who chose to do Cryptocurrency learnt about an 18 year old man, Erik Finman, a Bitcoin Millionaire. Just at 21 years old, he is the youngest self-proclaimed bitcoin millionaire. The students also learned about blockchains, what they are and how they work! We also looked over the details of what a digital coin was, and some good ones!

Tune in next week, to learn more about ETGAR , and stay safe!


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