Etgar Program

Etgar means “To dare, to challenge”. Year 8 and 9 students work together on Friday afternoons for the whole year and choose an option that helps them develop their interests, skills and competencies in new and untested areas. The focus is to create opportunities for students to explore and improve ‘real life’ skills that they may have not identified before.

There are four strands – Physical, learning for Greater Knowledge, skills and creativity and Tikkun Olam. Students can choose a different elective each term. In total, they can experience 8 different elective options, allowing them to not only develop skills for the present and future, but to develop their resilience, perseverance, and responsibility. Last Friday we had a quick glance at some of the elective options, and here is what we found.

In these troubling times, what is better than hot challah with delicious fillings. For a worthy cause? Even better! Challah for hunger is ready to go. Every Friday after lunch, a group of students make scrumptious Challah to share around the school. They use tried-and-true Glick’s dough and add sweet, comforting fillings to make your Shabbat even sweeter. If you thought it could not get any better, it just did! All profits are donated to charity. “Etgar means to have fun, and to brighten minds,” says Joel Lewis, one of the head chefs behind Challah for Hunger.

Did you know that baby shark is one of the few songs which have the perfect beat to perform CPR to? The students taking part in the Etgar first aid program know all about this and more! They’re slowly becoming first-aid experts, Friday afternoon by Friday afternoon. “Etgar gives you real-life experiences that’ll help you in the future, and something to put on your resume,” says a first-aid student. After all, first aid can save lives! 

We’ve zoomed in on two amazing Etgar options, but there are so many more to come! Tune in next week to see a close-up of some more wonderful aspects of Etgar!

By Ashley B, Helena M and Ruth P

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