ETGAR Program Sets Exciting Challenges for Students

A unique and popular offering at Bialik Middle School is the ETGAR (Challenge) Program. Year 8 and 9 students are timetabled together on Friday afternoons for the whole year and choose an option that helps them develop their interests, skills and competencies in new and untested areas. The focus is on helping students identify and improve ‘real life’ skills that they may have not identified before.

Some students may decide they’d like to learn how to be a Barista and manage a Cafe business, others can explore unchartered territory like Robotics, Supreme Sports or Fashion Design and Sewing. For the budding young business minds and entrepreneurs, there is the Stock Market Game and other business-angled projects; and for aspiring media personalities, there is the opportunity of developing their skills on Bialik TV or in radio broadcasting. The Build a Business stream has seen some sensational projects take off, including the Baby Sitter Introductory Service, which is in its second successful year of operation. Students gain practical experience and often travel off-campus for their chosen ETGAR course.

All ETGAR students will also participate in a major block of the program: Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World). Here students nominate where to volunteer their service or organise fundraising projects that raise funds for causes chosen by the students themselves.

The ETGAR Program is constantly reaching new heights and affords students the opportunity to explore subjects that are varied, highly engaging and of course – challenging, which sums up the enjoyable Middle School years at Bialik College.

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