Campus buildings at Bialik College, a jewish school in MelbourneThe design and development of the Hawthorn Campus, which began in the late 1970s, has adhered to the philosophy of the then School Council President, Mr Jeffrey Mahemoff, who said “I was always of the view, and fortunately Council always supported me, that if you want kids to be creative you’ve got to put them in beautiful surroundings”.

Main buildings on campus include the innovative Early Learning Centre, the Smorgon Family House — home to the Primary and Middle Schools and the dedicated VCE Centre for the Senior School, which includes extensive music rooms as well as the Victor Smorgon Hall. Art and Technology are housed in the Besen Family Art and Technology Centre, whilst the Evelyn Hellen Library, constructed in 2010, offers collaborative learning spaces, a Café and Year 12 Study Lounge.

The Gringlas Sports Centre features an outstanding swimming pool, gymnasium, gymnastics training room and championship basketball courts. For more information on key facilities, please click on below.

Hire the Victor Smorgon Hall or Gringlas Sports Centre.