Fee Assistance

Bialik recognises that some families will be unable to afford school fees as a result of either their limited income and/or their temporary financial circumstances.  Bialik is able to provide Fee Assistance to eligible families to ensure that all Jewish children can access a top-class Jewish education regardless of their parents’ financial situation.

The assistance is available in three main ways: by providing flexibility in payment terms for current school fees; by deferring fees in the short-to-medium term; or by providing a long term interest free loan which can in certain circumstances be capped.  Repayment obligations are individually and respectfully assessed.

The process for applying and granting Assistance is treated confidentially both within the school as well as in the wider community. Teaching staff have no access to information about whether a family is receiving Fee Assistance or not.

The application process involves a family providing a disclosure of their financial position through the completion of a Fee Assistance Application Form and a Fee Assistance Agreement form.  This is followed by a meeting between the parents and a member of the Fee Assistance Committee, and notification of the level and nature of support is provided promptly.

Depending on the family’s financial situation, reviews are generally undertaken annually to determine if a family’s financial position has changed.

A member of the Fee Assistance Committee works compassionately with each family to ensure that they receive the appropriate level of assistance. In addition to the normative financial situation of a family, the College recognises that financial support can be required at times of particular stress, such as relocation, redundancy or family trauma.

There are numerous benefits from providding this assisance, ranging from a culture of inclusivity and diverse thinking at the school as well as contributing to the continued growth and success of Melbourne’s Jewish community. The College recognises the sacrifices parents who are fee-assisted, and those who are not, make for their children, and therefore our community.

If you would like to apply for Fee Assistance or you would like some further information, please contact Ngaire Burn, Bialik’s Relationship and Credit Manager on 9822 7981 or [email protected]